Demon Stone (PC)

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Three renegade warriors, each with unique fighting abilities. All drawn together by an inexplicable force. After triggering a chain of catastrophic events, they must combine powers to survive a treacherous journey of fate and redemption.

  • Select a party of three distinct characters
  • Send them off to hack apart enemies, blow them up with magic or sneak through the shadows
  • Battle in 10 beautifully detailed levels from the world of the Forgotten Realms
  • Face off against incredible enemies, from D&D lore
  • Foes include Bugbears, Trolls, Mind Flayers, Slaads, Yuan-Ti’s and more
  • Tons of weapons and items to enhance a character’s abilities – magic gauntlets, rings and cloaks
  • Purchase character upgrades and create powerful warriors that can face any challenge

Price Rs.299
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