Reji/rayG - The Death Paratha & Mr. Dim

Kenilworth Mall Phase 2, 2nd Floor,,Mumbai,Mahārāshtra,India
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Reji/rayG - The Death Paratha & Mr. Dim

Start date: 2012-09-15 21:00:00

Bonobo Bar
Kenilworth Mall Phase 2, 2nd Floor,,Mumbai,Mahārāshtra

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Created on: 2012-05-08 05:37:53 by:evdb

Bonobo presents Smash Up! Feat. rayG X The Death Paratha & Mr. Dim Since early 2011, Bonobo has been hosting Smash Up!, an event where resident DJ rayG (Reji Ravindran) has been bringing the "fun" factor back in Saturday nights by weaving together the most eclectic genres of party music. After a successful run for nearly a year, event curator rayG is ready to take things to the next level for its patrons by including some of the most uniquely versatile & talented DJs in the city into its regular monthly DJ roster. Here is what the new monthly Smash Up! schedule looks like.... * Every 3rd Saturday of the month - rayG X The Death Paratha & Mr. Dim rayG rayG is another project (read alter ego) of Reji Ravindran. Contrary to his reputation of being an EDM DJ (as Reji) and label A&R (Air Snare Records), he does a full 180 degree flip musically (irrespective to tempos, genres & styles) behind the decks under the rayG moniker. By keeping an emphasis on timeless quality music with longer shelf life (minus short term crass commercial appeal), he is known for fusing turntablism skills with an unpredictable blend of eclectic party breaks & beats. His interesting music selections has also got him performance bookings from many fashion designers, painters, photographers & galleries for their exhibitions. After smashing various dance floors on land (& sea), in 2011 rayG earned the Resident DJ title at Bonobo. The Death Paratha & Mr. Dim The Yin & the Yang. The burger & the pizza. The cop & the bastard. The baldness & the moustache. Anakin Skywalker & Lord Vader. Rodeo deejays. Beat acrobats. Tightrope walkers. Chippendales. The cool guys who were spinning at La Fresh and elsewhere. From East Village Radio (NYC) to Paris most dangerous clubs. Tropical house / Teen rock / Angry electro / Champagne disco / Vintage techno / Crack-addict funk / Caviar hip hop / Hangover crunk / Sunset pop. You'll remember your hangover!

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Address Kenilworth Mall Phase 2, 2nd Floor,,Mumbai,Mahārāshtra,India
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